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Actor Ethan Hawke turns his attention to Seymour Bernstein in a documentary, “Seymour: An Introduction” that introduces viewers to an 88-year-old New York pianist who gave up the spotlight as a concert pianist to devote his life to teaching.

The movie ( is sublime.

For one, there’s finally a depiction of a senior who has contributions to make, enduring insights to share, and someone with abundant talent who’s leading a rich, fulfilling life as he ages.

He’s not playing tennis, he’s not living in oh-so-perfect designer digs, and he’s not dining on precious spa salads.


Instead he lives in a messy one-room New York apartment where he works magic.


He teaches tomorrow’s musical superstars and passes on his genius and wisdom.


You see Bernstein giving master classes. You witness his pure joy when he finds the perfect Steinway piano for an upcoming performance.


But it’s not just the music that’s magic in the movie. His philosophy about life, competition, fear, mentoring, and the search for meaning are inspiring.


He says, “Life has conflicts, pleasures, harmony, and dissonance. The same thing occurs in music.”


Bernstein, it seems, has found the perfect way to age – engaged, busy, and steeped in his art. And he’s loved and respected.


Current and former musicians will relate to the bliss that making music brings. Bernstein notes that most people don’t tap the god within and talks about how music can allow us to become one with the stars.


Even if music isn’t your thing, you can find your own way to become one with the stars.