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Open Yourself to the Twitter Universe

If you’ve not explored Twitter, you’re missing out on a vast resource for information, expertise, studies, links, and entertainment.

It can be a starting point if you’re facing a crisis, such as needing immediate information on long-term care or assisted living options or you need to find a contractor to make your parents’ house friendlier for aging in place.

But it’s also a place to pursue your passions, boost your career, and learn something new.

Look to Twitter for career advice and job hunts; chase down information about your interests, whether that’s photography, interior design, “Downton Abbey,” birding or the environment; follow organizations, such as art museums, linguistic associations, or pro basketball teams; and stay up to date on celebrities and favorite writers.

Twitter also is terrific for vacation planning, since it’s rich with information on destinations, deals, and group tours.

If you’ve not already done so, head over to Twitter and open an account. Learn more about Twitter, common lingo, privacy, and how to use it at:

Here are some categories to get you started. Keep in mind that these are the full addresses for accessing the information, but normally you’ll see Twitter handles  referred to simply as @xyz or @abc.


Personal finance:

Housing, universal design:

Aging, caregiving, health:

Innovation and technology:

News, city-specific spots: