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Maybe you read the heartbreaking story about the Chinese man who placed an advertisement in an attempt to find a family willing to adopt him.

The Daily Mail piece ( profiled the 75-year-old Huan Qi who spends his days lonely and miserable. He’s willing to turn over his monthly pension cheque in exchange for the warmth of family life.

The circumstances surrounding his loneliness are all too common around the globe. That downward spiral entails retirement, the death of spouse, busy children, and greater infirmity.

We can do better.

Loneliness doesn’t cause just psychological anguish. It also has health implications, such as high blood pressure and cognitive declines, for isolated seniors. 

If you have elderly friends, family or neighbors, commit to doing something on a regular basis to ease their isolation.

Pick up the phone, schedule visits, take them on outings, invite them to your house, or find local activities – senior or intergenerational groups and events, art classes, and cultural outings – to spark their interest.

You also can find volunteer opportunities to help seniors. See: 

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